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The second part of our ”Exposure & Media Action Plan”  is becoming a Guesting Rockstar.  In order to increase your exposure to new audiences you need to start reaching out to top blogs that your target audience frequents. 

Guesting on other top blogs is something that allot of business owners miss.  This simple tactic is something that will increase your audiences, lists, give you the expert factor and help with SEO for your website.

When you incorporate this into your weekly marketing plans it can be a powerful marketing tool!  It will take a little bit of time to see results from guest posting so keep at it and don’t give up.

You want to focus on blogs that have big readership and a large audience. 

Follow these simple steps to start to be a Guesting Rockstar today:

  1. Do your research! You need to do your research on the blogs you want to pitch to. You want to make sure that they are actively posting to their blogs.  You also want to make sure that they have interaction with their audience and that they have eyes on their blog.
  2. Create your pitch email! You need to clearly state why you are writing to them. You should always share some examples of your blogs or article writing. This will allow them to see your style of writing. Pitch your article idea and be direct but polite with your ask about featured on their blog as a guest blogger.  Make sure you include your contact information and bio.
  3. Follow Up! If you don’t hear from them within 3-5 days follow up with them.

Following these three key items will get you on the road to rockstardum and have you increasing your audience and exposure in no time.   

Join me next week when we add to your “Exposure & Media Action Plan” with blogging.  


If you missed part 1 of the “Exposure & Media Action plan” you can view it here.


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