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We all know that running an online business is not easy.  You have to have a marketing plan in place that will help create consistent exposure for your company.  You need to follow a plan that will allow you to do this in bite size chunks so that you can get a handle on what needs to be done and actually follow through with style and grace!

There are so many ways to generate exposure but I am going to highlight some important avenues that you really should look into. Also in the coming weeks I will dive deeper into each of these options and help you tie it all together.

The first component to our “Exposure & Media Action Plan” is social media. Obviously we all know that social media is hotter than busting out to “Up Town Funk”, right now.  So we want to make sure we are devising a social media plan that does a few things:

  • Gives you better exposure to your Friends, Followers and in groups and communities.
  • Gets your message out there in a big way!
  • Allows you to share your freebies and services by just posting and by paying for ad space on Facebooks Ad Platform.

The best way to do this is to focus on social media as three different components that round out the entire social media plan.

  1. Posting valuable content, quotes, questions, polls. Also, sharing your free and paid services.
  2. Connecting and networking in groups and on your page
  3. Paid Facebook Advertising


So let’s break this down for a minute:

Posting and Sharing Valuable Content

You are going to want to set up a nifty little tool that will automatically post to your profile and in any groups you manage and on your business Fanpages (i.e. Hootsuite or Socialoomph).  I personally like and use Hootsuite!


When you do this portion of your social media plan you want to share things with your audience that is valuable, education, fun or inspiring. 

 A brief list of items you can post are:

  1. Your free offers
  2. Your paid offers
  4. Fill in the blank questions/statements
  5. Inspirational images
  6. Share other Peoples posts/ blogs
  7. Tips
  8. Ask questions
  9. Be helpful


Always, always include an eye catching photo, social media is very visual so always have nice photo included. 

Now you are going to do 2 things with the content that you are posting.

  1. You are going to schedule it out in your posting software to post to your personal profile, your business pages and any groups that YOU OWN. (Obviously only sharing the content you want to share to each).
  2. You are also going to MANUALLY share some of this content with groups you are part of on Facebook and LinkedIn (if you use LinkedIn).

You want to take about 20 minutes each day (what I like to call the Social20) and post your content to your groups, comment on any comments left, comment on other peoples posts and mingle.

That is it; don’t get sucked into being on social media ALL DAY long.  You can do 2 Social20’s if you would like one at the begging of the day and one at the end of the day.  So you are sure to catch all comments left etc.   I cannot stress enough how important it is to limit the amount of time you spend on social media.  This is going to kill your business faster than you can say out of business.  You have more important things to do in your business with the rest of your day!


The third component in your social media game plan is doing paid Facebook Ads.  Now there are several different types of ads and ways to use the Facebook Ads platform.  But, for this purpose I am only going to talk about 2 different ways to start with Facebook Ads.

The first way is to pay for traffic for your own content. What I mean by this is each week you are going to be posting at a bare minimum one blog post per week.  At the end of your blog post (just like this one) you need to embedded an opt in form you can offer something for free if it works well with your blog post content if you wish. But you need to have a way to catch reader’s information. 

When you publish that post I want you to post a little description about it on Facebook with a link and a snazzy image.  Post this to your business page.

Once you have done that you need to create a boosted ad for that post. Boost the ad for 2 days $5 per day.  You will be able to tell Facebook who you want to see this ad by setting the audience (if you don’t already have that set up).

This does two things:

  • It increases your exposure to a new paid audience both on social media and on your website/blog.
  • Grows your email list and your social media followers and fans


When you are sending the paid traffic to your content (which Facebook LOVES content marketing right now), if they like what they read they are more likely to opt-in. This grows your email list and you will get likes to your business page from people who click like from the ad for your content you are sharing. 


This social media game plan needs to be done EVERY WEEK in your business. Do the Social20 EVERY DAY (1-2 times a day). You can choose one day a week where you plan and schedule your posts in Hootsuite for the entire week. Thus freeing you up the other days to focus on other exposure avenues.  Be sure on your blogging day to post that to Facebook (and all other social media platforms) and do that boosted ad!!


Check back for our next blog post in this series where I will cover how to reach out and start to build a media action plan to add to your exposure and marketing game plan!


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