The 5 Myths You Need to Know Before Running Your Facebook Ad

If you are a business owner in today’s day and age you have had some sort of contact with a Facebook Ad a time or two.  Either you have tried to run ads and have failed. You have ran ads and have had great success or you have seen the ads in your feed and have clicked on them to find out what they are all about.   Facebook has an amazing highly engaged community of active users. As of today there are over 1.49 billion active users on Facebook. 

With so many people on Facebook from all around the world you have the ability to reach your target audience at any given day or time with no boundaries of location. You can run ads from the US and have people in Australia, London or New Zealand seeing your ad.   Facebook has changed the way we do business today!

With that said there are some major myths around Facebook ads and how they apply to you in your business.  I am going to break down 5 of the top myths surrounding Facebook and their ads platform.

Facebook Myth #1


When it comes to Facebook ads there seems to be two camps either you are in the camp that says Facebook Ads work. Or, you are stuck in camp #2 with the thought that Facebook Ads don’t work or won’t work for you.   

When you consider running a Facebook ad you need to first think about why you are running the ad in the first place.  Are you trying to generate leads by giving something away for free? Do you want people to opt in for your webinar or training event? Or, are you trying to sell them a product or service?  

When crafting your Facebook Ad you need to consider some key aspects of the ad and put a little bit of thought into before submitting your ad for approval.

  • Is your image visibly appealing? Facebook Ads are all about being visually and pleasing to the eye. You want nice looking images that catch your target audiences attention and suck them into your ad as they scroll through their feed.
  • Is your message relevant? You need to make sure that your message is relevant to your target audience. You don’t want to me showing an ad about cats to people who love dogs. Your message can be crafted specifically to your target audience in several different ways.
  • Is your offer irresistible? You need to be offering your audience something of value. Give them something they want in return for your desired action.
  • Have a clear call-to-action! You want to make it clear what you want your audience to do next. Do you want them to register for your webinar, enter their email to get something for free, click on the link to go to your website. Whatever it is you need to be clear and give your audience a clear action to take.



Facebook Myth #2

One of my favorite things about advertising on Facebook is they have a way to give you highly target audiences to market to.  You can choose how much you are willing to spend per action, per day or for the lifetime of your ads. You are in total control of how much you are spending on ads.

I know some people who run ads only spending $1 a day and on the other hand I know some that are spending $100+ a day and everything in between. The key here is don’t spend more than you can afford or are willing to pay. Also, you need to consider how much is that lead or action worth to you?  

There are some key things to consider when you are running ads just because you were able to get leads for $0.67 per lead one ad run doesn’t mean that you can get the same price the next time.  Ad costs fluctuate and there are several things that affect that price. A few key points to think about or be aware of are these…

  1. How many people are marketing to your target audience at the same time? The more people fighting for those spots the higher the costs.
  2. How relevant is your message to your audience?
  3. How engaging is your audience with your ads?

These are play a critical roll in how much you are going to spend per action for each of your ads.


Facebook Myth #3

Boosting posts are a great way to create likes to your page and drive traffic to your content.  It is not best practice to boost every single post you are posting on your page.  Boosting a post really should be done when you are posting content that you want to get eyes on. One great way to do this is to take your blog posts and post it on your page then run a boosted post to your blog.  Make sure you have an opt in form embedded in your blog post so you can catch some leads from the paid traffic that you are sending there.

Another great way to use a boosted post and can be used in conjunction with your blog is to create custom audiences on Facebook to market to.  

Boosted posts are essentially the easiest and quickest ads to create they are not always the most effective. Not all ads are created equal when it comes to the Facebook Ads platform.


Facebook Myth #4

I hear this time and time again from clients and potential clients. They think that just because they created an ad they are going to have 100’s of people signing up for their event or clambering to get their free goods.  While this can be true more than likely it isn’t always the case.  The sad truth is most people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to creating ads on FB.   Facebook ads can and will do this for many Facebook Marketers when done right but when done wrong you will hear crickets and think that Facebook Ads don’t work.

The key here is make sure you take the time to learn how to create ads on the Facebook platform. As well as taking the time to think about your ad and create an effective advert instead of slapping something together and calling it good!


Facebook Myth #5

Another thing I love about Facebook ads is that they are highly scalable. You can scale your ads up in several different ways.  So once you have a winning ad you can scale it up to get more value from your ads. A few of the ways you can create scale with your ads are:

  • Upping your ad budget
  • Increasing your target audience
  • Creating retargeting ads
  • Creating new highly target audiences based on actions that your traffic has taken


The short of it is this, YES Facebook Ads work! Facebook is a “Powerhouse” when it comes to scalable, highly targeted, fairly cheap traffic.  The key is to take the time to learn how to do ads and how to do them right. When done correctly Facebook Ads can change your business dramatically.    Now you are ready to tackle Facebook Ads.. check out my post on My Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Types.

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