Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Types

Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Types


Before creating your first campaign it is essential that you understand the different Facebook Ad Types (and if you haven’t check out my other blog post on the 5 Myths You Need to Know Before Running Your Next Facebook Ad.. I would recommend you read that first).  Over the years Facebook has adjusted the different types of ads that they offer in their platform based off of the needs of the user.  So depending upon your campaign objective it is almost guaranteed there is an ad type for it!

I am going to go over the different types of ads in this post to give you a better understanding of why type of ad you should be choosing for your campaigns.


Traffic and Leads to Your Website




One of the most common types of ads and probably the one I used most for myself and clients is ads that drive traffic for leads. Whether it is for an opt-in (free offer), a webinar or product or service this seems to be the most popular and more than likely the one you will be utilizing the most of.

With these types of ads you can increase your sites overall customer reach or send potential leads to a dedicated landing page.

News Feed Ad:Desktop_Newsfeed_Ad

Supported Placements:  Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile

This is the most common of all Facebook Ad Types.  This is ideal to promote your external website pages.  Newsfeed Ads (a.k.a. Page Post Link Ads) feature a large image that catches your potential leads attention.  There is a limited amount of text on the top of the image and a headline and text under the image to give a little more detail about your ad.  You also have the option to include a call to action button that tells your potential user what you would like them to do next.

These types of ads perform really well and have a side benefit of generating page likes in addition to your ad objective. Users are allowed to leave comments on your ad just as they would in the news feed so be sure to monitor your ads and reply to the comments.  This increases engagement on your ads and helps to reduce your ad spend costs. More engagement = higher relevance = lower ad spend costs.




Multi- Product Ad:Facebook_Carousel_Ad_Example

Supported Placement: Newsfeed, Mobile

This type of ad is extremely useful if you have an e-Commerce store.  It allows you to feature several products within one ad.  A Multi-Product Ad (a.k.a. Carousel Ad) can feature up to 3-5 products in one ad.  This cuts down on how many ads you need to create and lowers your ad costs.  These ads are highly visual so you need to make sure you have eye catching images for your products. You are able to have an eye catching headline or product description and a price for each product.




Right-Hand Ad: Right_Hand_Column_

Supported Placement: Right Column

This is the simplest ad that Facebook offers this ad is featured on the right hand column of the desktop. It can only be displayed here (hence the name).  Right hand column ads (a.k.a. Domain Ads) feature a title, a short description and a url and small images to the left of your text.  These ads tend to perform less when it comes to their click through rate but tend to cost less than the other types of ads.





Likes and Engagement for Your Page




Facebook has designed ads specific to increasing engagement on your Facebook Pages. With these types of ads you can increase the likes of your page (thus increasing your reach) as well as increase the engagement on your page posts.

Facebook recently made an update that had the whole business community up in arms it used to be that when you posted something to your page it would be shown to everyone that has liked your page. This was awesome for marketers because it was basically free traffic.  Now, Facebook has changed it to where only about 2-6% of the people that actually like your page will see your posts.  Thus making you have to purchase Facebook Ads if you want to reach your entire audience.


Like Ad:Like_Ad

Supported Placement: Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile

This is pretty much the go-to ad for increasing your Page Likes.  The Like Ad (a.k.a Page Like) can be displayed on all placements and will include a visible call to action for potential fans to like your page.  Facebook will pull your cover page image into the ad but you do have an option to change it if the ad is disapproved for to much text.  Their 20% text rule still applies to these ads which can be a pain because most people have more than 20% text in their cover images. 





Boosted Post (Photo) Ad: Boosted_Photo_Ad_

Supported Placements: Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile

This is a great way to engage with your pages fans! The Boosted Post (Photo) Ad (a.k.a. Page Post Photo Ad) has plenty of space to show off your stunning photos.  You have the ability to insert a link as well as text to go with your ad.  You want to boost a post that will increase engagement for your page.  A great post to boost would be a content post, right now Facebook loves content. So if you have a blog that you post to regularly and share your content on your page you can do a boosted post for that blog post.  You can run the ad to those that like your page as well as targeted audience.






Boosted Post (Video) Ad: video_ad

Supported Placements: Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile

This ad is similar to the Boosted Photo Ad but is for video rather than photo.  Video Advertising is hot on Facebook right now and tends to drive higher engagement on Facebook.  Facebook allows the user to play the video right there in their news feed.  The downside is that not everyone can product a high quality video for their ads.  These ads include the video and can include a text description and link if you wish. 






Boosted Post (Text) Ad: Text_Boosted_Ad_

Supported Placements: Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile

This type of ad is similar to the other two but probably isn’t utilized as much.  This ad just includes text and a link. There are no photos which can hurt the engagement.  Facebook is very image driven so this type of ad would only be used in specific circumstances.  This type of ad is most likely going to deliver low engagement so I would highly recommend avoiding this type of ad.



Mobile and Desktop App Installs




If your company offers any type of app for free or resale this would be your go to ad for marketing your apps.  Facebook has become one of the biggest players in the mobile advertising space.  Mobile App Install ads present a unique opportunity to bring in new app users for your apps on whatever ios platform they are using. 

It allows you to drive traffic to your app inside of Facebook which users love. When they don’t have to leave Facebook to complete and action it is a win-win for you.


Mobile App: mobile_app_download_ad

Supported Placement: Mobile

This ad type is the perfect choice when it comes to more installs and downloads of your mobile app.  This ad is displayed only on the mobile newsfeed. When the user clicks on the “install” call to action, the APP Store will immediately pop up. This delivers a high conversion rate for your ads.

Utilizing the Facbook Ad platform to promote your app your will have many additional targeting options to fine-tune your audience.  You have the option to run ads to specific ios platforms as well as device type (i.e. tablets, phones etc.)



Desktop App: desktop_app_download_ad

Supported Placement: Right Column, Newsfeed

This ad type is great for those that have a desktop app, this would be an app that isn’t supported on mobile.  This type of ad shows your app’s rating and usage as well as a picture so having a score for your app will help to increase the ads conversions. 





Visitors to Your Event or Store




If you have a physical store or an event you would like to promote these would be your go to ads.  To really track how well these ads do in terms of driving foot traffic to your store or event you could offer something like a discount to those that saw the ad and bring in a coupon. This will allow you to physically see how your ads had an impact with your marketing efforts.


Event Ad: Event_Ad

Supported Placements: Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile

Facebook Event Ads are a great way for event organizers to attract new visitors.  These can be virtual or in person events.  If you want to boost your events reach these would be a great way to do it.  If you have an in person event you are holding you can market to only people in a certain zip code or geographical location.  For example if you are having an event aimed at mothers in Phoenix AZ you could run ads only to moms who live in Phoenix AZ and surrounding zip codes.  The Facebook Ads platform gives you a way to get very highly targeted when setting up your audiences.  You could also choose a specific demographic based on their income, job type, purchase habits and so on.  




Offer Ad: offer_ad

Supported Placements: Right Column, Newsfeed, Mobile


This ad is perfect for brick and mortar businesses it is similar to an event ad in that you can get highly targeted (as with all ads). This is great to create an offer but you must have at least 50 likes to your page.  So what you could do is run a like ad until you get to 50 likes then you could do an offer ad.  These offer ads are great to increase engagement on Facebook and in your store. 




Dark Posts:  Power_Editor_

I want to round out your guide to Facebook Ad Types with the Facebook Dark Post. You may hear it being talked about and I wanted to give you the low down on what it is and how it is used.  Now I know this ad sounds a tad on the “evil” side but it really just applies to the tactic of using a newsfeed style ad that does not actually get published to your newsfeed on your page.

Why would you use this tactic?

This is great for you if you want to have a different message in your ads based off of the target audiences you are trying to attract.  So let’s say you market to both men and women but you speak to them in a different way when it comes to your marketing.   So let’s say you had a supplement that could be used by both but gives different results for men then it does women.  So you would want your ads to speak differently to each group.

So what you would do is create an ad that is not posted to your newsfeed but is showed to your target audience.  To create these types of ads you would need to utilize the Power Editor.  This is a great way to create ads specific to your target audience. 


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